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Laboratoire de Biodiversité et Biotechnologies Microbiennes
LBBM - USR 3579

Publications 2019

personnel actuellement au LBBM

Abdelli F, Jardak M, Elloumi J, Stien D, Cherif S, Mnif S, Aifa S (2019) Antibacterial, anti-adherent and cytotoxic activities of surfactin(s) from a lipolytic strain Bacillus safensis F4. Biodegradation 30:287-300

Al-Jawdah A, Nabok A, Abu-Ali H, Catanante G, Marty J-L, Szekacs A (2019) Highly sensitive label-free in vitro detection of aflatoxin B1 in an aptamer assay using optical planar waveguide operating as a polarization interferometer. Anal Bioanal Chem

Alawad A, Istamboulie G, Calas-Blanchard C, Noguer T (2019) A reagentless aptasensor based on intrinsic aptamer redox activity for the detection of tetracycline in water. Sens Actuator B-Chem 288:141-146

Alfattani A, Queiroz EFF, Marcourt L, Leoni S, Allard PM, Perron K, Stien D, Gindro K, Wolfender JL (2019) Efficient isolation of new bioactive metabolites from the marine endophytic fungi Fusarium solani. Planta Med 85:1461-1462

Barthelemy M, Elie N, Pellissier L, Wolfender JL, Stien D, Touboul D, Eparvier V (2019) Structural Identification of Antibacterial Lipids from Amazonian Palm Tree Endophytes through the Molecular Network Approach. Int J Mol Sci 20

Becker MM, Ribeiro EB, de Oliveira Marques PRB, Marty J-L, Nunes GS, Catanante G (2019) Development of a highly sensitive xanthine oxidase-based biosensor for the determination of antioxidant capacity in Amazonian fruit samples. Talanta 204:626-632

Becker MM, Nunes GS, Ribeiro DB, Silva F, Catanante G, Marty JL (2019) Determination of the Antioxidant Capacity of Red Fruits by Miniaturized Spectrophotometry Assays. Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 30:1108-1114

Ben Aissa S, Mars A, Catanante G, Marty JL, Raouafi N (2019) Design of a redox-active surface for ultrasensitive redox capacitive aptasensing of aflatoxin M1 in milk. Talanta 195:525-532

Ben Jrad A, Kanso H, Raviglione D, Noguer T, Inguimbert N, Calas-Blanchard C (2019) Salen/salan metallic complexes as redox labels for electrochemical aptasensors. Chem Commun 55:12821-12824

Benkaddour B, Abdelmalek F, Addou A, Noguer T, Aubert D, Vouvé F (2019) Assessment of Anthropogenic and Natural Factors on Cheliff River Waters (North-West of Algeria) at Two Contrasted Climatic Seasons. Int J Environ Res 13:925-941

Donald J, Barthelemy M, Gazal N, Eveno Y, Manzi S, Eparvier V, Stien D, Roy M (2019) Tropical Palm Endophytes Exhibit Low Competitive Structuring When Assessed Using Co-occurrence and Antipathogen Activity Analysis. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 2

Fagervold SK, Rodrigues AS, Rohee C, Roe R, Bourrain M, Stien D, Lebaron P (2019) Occurrence and Environmental Distribution of 5 UV Filters During the Summer Season in Different Water Bodies. Water Air Soil Poll 230

Geron A, Werner J, Wattiez R, Lebaron P, Matallana-Surget S (2019) Deciphering the Functioning of Microbial Communities: Shedding Light on the Critical Steps in Metaproteomics. Front Microbiol 10

Girard L, Lantoine F, Lami R, Vouve F, Suzuki MT, Baudart J (2019) Genetic diversity and phenotypic plasticity of AHL-mediated Quorum sensing in environmental strains of Vibrio mediterranei. Isme Journal 13:159-169

Girard L., Blanchet E., Stien D., Baudart J., Suzuki M., Lami R. (2019). Evidence of a large diversity of N-acyl-homoserine lactones in symbiotic Vibrio fischeristrains associated with the squid Euprymna scolopes. Microbes Environ. 34(1):99-103

Hu XB, Wei PJ, Catanante G, Li ZH, Marty JL, Zhu ZG (2019) Ultrasensitive ciprofloxacin assay based on the use of a fluorescently labeled aptamer and a nanocomposite prepared from carbon nanotubes and MoSe2. Microchim Acta 186

Khan R, Ben Aissa S, Sherazi TA, Catanante G, Hayat A, Marty JL (2019) Development of an Impedimetric Aptasensor for Label Free Detection of Patulin in Apple Juice. Molecules 24

Khoury M, El Beyrouthy M, Ouaini N, Eparvier V, Stien D (2019) Hirtellina lobelii DC. essential oil, its constituents, its combination with antimicrobial drugs and its mode of action. Fitoterapia 133:130-136

Lami R (2019) Quorum sensing in marine biofilms and environmentsIn Quorum Sensing: Molecular mechanism and biotechnological application. Ed. Academic Press. pp 55-96

Liu XL, Wu HB, Tao XJ, Ying XX, Stien D (2019) Two amide glycosides from Portulaca oleracea L. and its bioactivities. Nat Prod Res

Ma Y, Li X, Zhang W, Ying X, Stien D (2019) A trace alkaloid, oleraisoindole A from. Nat Prod Res:1-4

Mallet C, Romdhane S, Loiseau C, Beguet J, Martin-Laurent F, Calvayrac C, Barthelmebs L (2019) Impact of Leptospermone, a Natural beta-Triketone Herbicide, on the Fungal Composition and Diversity of Two Arable Soils. Front Microbiol 10

Nabok A, Al-Rubaye AG, Al-Jawdah AM, Tsargorodska A, Marty JL, Catanante G, Szekacs A, Takacs E (2019) INVITED Novel optical biosensing technologies for detection of mycotoxins. Optics and Laser Technology 109:212-221

Nasr S, Lutz M, Amoozegar MA, Eparvier V, Stien D, Fazeli SAS, Yurkov A (2019) Graphiola fimbriata: the first species of Graphiolaceae (Exobasidiales, Basidiomycota) described only based on its yeast stage. Mycological Progress 18:359-368

Paniel N, Noguer T (2019) Detection of Salmonella in Food Matrices, from Conventional Methods to Recent Aptamer-Sensing Technologies. Foods 8

Pinyou P, Blay V, Muresan LM, Noguer T (2019) Enzyme-modified electrodes for biosensors and biofuel cells. Materials Horizons

Rodrigues AMS, Eparvier V, Odonne G, Amusant N, Stien D, Houel E (2019) The antifungal potential of (Z)-ligustilide and the protective effect of eugenol demonstrated by a chemometric approach. Sci Rep 9

Romani M, Carrion C, Fernandez F, Intertaglia L, Pecqueur D, Lebaron P, Lami R (2019) High bacterial diversity in pioneer biofilms colonizing ceramic roof tiles. Int Biodeterior Biodegrad 144

Romdhane S, Devers-Lamrani M, Beguet J, Bertrand C, Calvayrac C, Salvia MV, Ben Jrad A, Dayan FE, Spor A, Barthelmebs L, Martin-Laurent F (2019) Assessment of the ecotoxicological impact of natural and synthetic beta-triketone herbicides on the diversity and activity of the soil bacterial community using omic approaches. Science of the Total Environment 651:241-249

Stien D, Clergeaud F, Rodrigues AMS, Lebaron K, Pillot R, Romans P, Fagervold S, Lebaron P (2019) Metabolomics Reveal That Octocrylene Accumulates in Pocillopora damicornis Tissues as Fatty Acid Conjugates and Triggers Coral Cell Mitochondrial Dysfunction. Analytical Chemistry 91:990-995

Thiour-Mauprivez C, Martin-Laurent F, Calvayrac C, Barthelmebs L (2019) Effects of herbicide on non-target microorganisms: Towards a new class of biomarkers? Sci Total Environ 684:314-325

Toure S, Desrat S, Pellissier L, Allard PM, Wolfender JL, Dusfour I, Stien D, Eparvier V (2019) Characterization, Diversity, and Structure-Activity Relationship Study of Lipoamino Acids from Pantoea sp. and Synthetic Analogues. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20:1083

Tourneroche A, Lami R, Hubas C, Blanchet E, Vallet M, Escoubeyrou K, Paris A, Prado S (2019) Bacterial-Fungal Interactions in the Kelp Endomicrobiota Drive Autoinducer-2 Quorum Sensing. Front Microbiol 10

Xiu F, Li XT, Zhang WJ, He F, Ying XX, Stien D (2019) A new alkaloid from Portulaca oleracea L. and its antiacetylcholinesterase activity. Nat Prod Res 33:2583-2590

Zgheib R, El-Beyrouthy M, Chaillou S, Ouaini N, Rutledge DN, Stien D, Kassouf A, Leonti M, Iriti M (2019) Chemical Variability of the Essential Oil of Origanum ehrenbergii Boiss. from Lebanon, Assessed by Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and Common Component and Specific Weight Analysis (CCSWA). International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20:1026


Personnel anciennement au LBBM

Goud KY, Kumar VS, Hayat A, Gobi KV, Song H, Kim KH, Marty JL (2019) A highly sensitive electrochemical immunosensor for zearalenone using screen-printed disposable electrodes. J Electroanal Chem 832:336-342

Batool R, Rhouati A, Nawaz MH, Hayat A, Marty JL (2019) A Review of the Construction of Nano-Hybrids for Electrochemical Biosensing of Glucose. Biosensors 9

Goud KY, Kumar VS, Hayat A, Catanante G, Gobi KV, Marty JL (2019a) Polymer scaffold layers of screen-printed electrodes for homogeneous deposition of silver nanoparticles: application to the amperometric detection of hydrogen peroxide. Microchim Acta 186

Goud KY, Kumar VS, Hayat A, Gobi KV, Song H, Kim KH, Marty JL (2019b) A highly sensitive electrochemical immunosensor for zearalenone using screen-printed disposable electrodes. J Electroanal Chem 832:336-342

Majdinasab M, Mitsubayashi K, Marty JL (2019) Optical and Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors for the Detection of Quinolones. Trends Biotechnol. 37:898-915

Rhouati A, Bakas I, Marty JL (2019) MIPs and Aptamers as Artificial Receptors in Advanced Separation Techniques. Handbook of Smart Materials in Analytical Chemistry 825-857

Zejli H, Goud KY, Marty JL (2019) An electrochemical aptasensor based on polythiophene-3-carboxylic acid assisted methylene blue for aflatoxin B1 detection. Sens Biosensing Res 25:100290


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