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Laboratoire de Biodiversité et Biotechnologies Microbiennes
LBBM - USR 3579

Publications 2020

personnel actuellement au LBBM

Barnier C, Clerissi C, Lami R, Intertaglia L, Lebaron P, Grimaud R, Urios L (2020) Description of Palleronia rufa sp. nov., a biofilm-forming and AHL-producing Rhodobacteraceae, reclassification of Hwanghaeicola aestuarii as Palleronia aestuarii comb. nov., Maribius pontilimi as Palleronia pontilimi comb. nov., Maribius salinus as Palleronia salina comb. nov., Maribius pelagius as Palleronia pelagia comb. nov. and emended description of the genus Palleronia. Syst Appl Microbiol 43

Falkowski M, Jahn-Oyac A, Odonne G, Flora C, Estevez Y, Toure S, Boulogne I, Robinson JC, Bereau D, Petit P, Azam D, Coke M, Issaly J, Gaborit P, Stien D, Eparvier V, Dusfour I, Houel E (2020) Towards the optimization of botanical insecticides research: Aedes aegypti larvicidal natural products in French Guiana. Acta Tropica 201

Gallet A, Koubbi P, Leger N, Scheifler M, Ruiz-Rodriguez M, Suzuki MT, Desdevises Y, Duperron S (2019) Low-diversity bacterial microbiota in Southern Ocean representatives of lanternfish genera Electrona, Protomyctophum and Gymnoscopelus (family Myctophidae). PLoS One 14

Gokce G, Ben Aissa S, Nemcekova K, Catanante G, Raouafi N, Marty JL (2020) Aptamer-modified pencil graphite electrodes for the impedimetric determination of ochratoxin A. Food Control 115

Hayek M, Baraquet C, Lami R, Blache Y, Molmeret M (2020) The Marine Bacterium Shewanella woodyi Produces C-8-HSL to Regulate Bioluminescence. Microb Ecol 79:865-881

Hoang TPT, Barthélemy M, Lami R, Stien D, Eparvier V, Touboul D (2020) Annotation and quantification of N-acyl homoserine lactones implied in bacterial quorum sensing by supercritical-fluid chromatography coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometry. Anal Bioanal Chem

Khan R, Sherazi TA, Catanante G, Rasheed S, Marty JL, Hayat A (2020) Switchable fluorescence sensor toward PAT via CA-MWCNTs quenched aptamer-tagged carboxyfluorescein. Food Chem 312:126048

Lebaron P (2020) Les eaux thermales : quand minéralité et signature biologique se combinent pour expliquer leurs propriétés: Thermal waters: when minerality and biological signature combine to explain their properties. Annales de dermatologie et de venereologie 147:1S20-21S24

Lima ML, Luis S, Poggio L, Aragones JI, Courtier A, Roig B, Calas-Blanchard C (2020) The importance of household pharmaceutical products disposal and its risk management: Example from Southwestern Europe. Waste Manage 104:139-147

Lozano C, Matallana-Surget S, Givens J, Nouet S, Arbuckle L, Lambert Z, Lebaron P (2020) Toxicity of UV filters on marine bacteria: Combined effects with damaging solar radiation. Sci Total Environ 722

Marcellin-Gros R, Piganeau G, Stien D (2020) Metabolomic Insights into Marine Phytoplankton Diversity. Mar. Drugs 18

Roux N, Lami R, Salis P, Magre K, Romans P, Masanet P, Lecchini D, Laudet V (2019) Sea anemone and clownfish microbiota diversity and variation during the initial steps of symbiosis. Sci Rep 9

Ruiz-Rodríguez M, Scheifler M, Sanchez-Brosseau S, Magnanou E, West N, Suzuki M, Duperron S, Desdevises Y (2020) Host Species and Body Site Explain the Variation in the Microbiota Associated to Wild Sympatric Mediterranean Teleost Fishes. Microb Ecol

Stien D (2020) Marine Microbial Diversity as a Source of Bioactive Natural Products. Mar. Drugs 18

Stien D, Suzuki M, Rodrigues AMS, Yvin M, Clergeaud F, Thorel E, Lebaron P (2020) A unique approach to monitor stress in coral exposed to emerging pollutants. Sci Rep 10:9601

Thiour-Mauprivez C, Devers-Lamrani M, Mounier A, Beguet J, Spor A, Calvayrac C, Barthelmebs L, Martin-Laurent F (2020) Design of a degenerate primer pair to target a bacterial functional community: The hppd bacterial gene coding for the enzyme targeted by herbicides, a study case. J Microbiol Methods 170:105839

Thorel E, Clergeaud F, Jaugeon L, Rodrigues AMS, Lucas J, Stien D, Lebaron P (2020) Effect of 10 UV Filters on the Brine Shrimp. Toxics 8

Ying ZM, Ying XX, Yang GL, Stien D (2020) The first tripyrrolic chlorophyll catabolites isolated from Crataegus pinnatifida Bge. var. major brown leaves. Phytochemistry Letters 35:197-199

Personnel anciennement au LBBM

Badea M, Hayat A, Marty JL (2020) Immobilization of Enzymes on Magnetic Beads Through Affinity Interactions. Methods Mol Biol 2100:189-198

Blasques RV, Pereira MAA, Mendes A, Mendes NE, Gomes WC, Arenas LT, Marty JL, Gurgo MIP, Nunes GS, Villis PCM (2020) Synthesis and characterization of a new ceramic nanomaterial SiO2/NPsSm(2)O(3)/C-graphite for the development of electrochemical sensors. Mater Chem Phys 243


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