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Laboratoire de Biodiversité et Biotechnologies Microbiennes
LBBM - USR 3579

2. Isolation and characterization of novel microbial compounds

The recent transfer of Dr. Didier Stien to the LBBM allows the development of a new research line focused on the chemical characterization of natural products of microbial origin. Up to now the chemistry of natural products in existing projects had been (and will continue to be) via different collaborations with the LCBE in Perpignan, the PNSCM team in Rennes the PCRE team in Nice and the IRPF in Toulouse. We decided to focus our internal activity on the underexplored topic of microorganisms associated with leaf endophytes from Mediterranean Sea.

We expect that these endophytes should be comprised mainly of fungi, and a smaller number of bacteria. In terrestrial plants, endophytes are known to contribute to plant ecological success, producing antimicrobial or cytotoxic metabolites involved in the arsenal of defense of the symbiotic entity. Little is known in marine plants but they are most certainly associated to endophytes. Noteworthy is the fact that these plants are monodominant in large areas, a character associated to active symbiosis in terrestrial species. To our knowledge marine plant endophyte diversity has been poorly studied and could be the source of very interesting and original natural products.

Furthermore marine fungi in general have also been poorly studied but are known to produce very peculiar metabolites.

Some recently publications in this topic include

  • Nirma C, Eparvier V, Stien D (2013) Antifungal Agents from Pseudallescheria boydii SNB-CN73 Isolated from a Nasutitermes sp Termite. J Nat Prod 76:988-991.
  • Nirma C, Rodrigues AMS, Basset C, Chevolot L, Girod R, Moretti C, Stien D, Dusfour I, Eparvier V (2012) Larvicidal Activity of Isoflavonoids from Muellera frutescens Extracts against Aedes aegypti. Nat Prod Commun 7:1319-1322

Valerie Domien - 25/02/16

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