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Laboratoire de Biodiversité et Biotechnologies Microbiennes
LBBM - USR3579

Topic 3. Ecology of Pathogens


This topic has always been an important part of the activities of the LBBM, where a number of projects have been carried out for the detection and monitoring of bacteria of interest for human health [e.g. faecal coliforms in recreational waters (Collaboration with Veolia Environnement); Legionella spp. in cooling towers of nuclear power plants (Collaboration with EDF)].  Activities on this theme were at the origin of the association between the BAE and the LBBM.  Current research focuses on the detection and understanding of biotic (e.g. quorum sensing) and abiotic factors controlling the dynamics of bacteria such as Vibrio spp. and Aeromonas salmonicida, pathogens associated with diseases affecting aquaculture.

Quelques publications dans ce thème :

Paniel N, Noguer T (2019) Detection of Salmonella in Food Matrices, from Conventional Methods to Recent Aptamer-Sensing Technologies. Foods 8

Girard L, Lantoine F, Lami R, Vouve F, Suzuki MT, Baudart J (2019) Genetic diversity and phenotypic plasticity of AHL-mediated Quorum sensing in environmental strains of Vibrio mediterranei. Isme Journal 13:159-169

Baudart J, Guillebault D, Mielke E, Meyer T, Tandon N, Fischer S, Weigel W, Medlin LK (2017) Microarray (phylochip) analysis of freshwater pathogens at several sites along the Northern German coast transecting both estuarine and freshwaters. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 101:871-886

Da-Silva E, Barthelmebs L, Baudart J (2017) Development of a PCR-free DNA-based assay for the specific detection of Vibrio species in environmental samples by targeting the 16S rRNA. Environ Sci Pollut Res 24:5690-5700

Marcelino Suzuki - 26/05/20

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