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Laboratoire de Biodiversité et Biotechnologies Microbiennes
LBBM - USR3579

Topic 2 - Chemical Contaminants: Detection, impact and biodegradation

ubject 3 : Emergent contaminants in the aquatic environments and the health

In Topic 2 our activities focus on the understanding of the fate of emerging and persistent organic micropollutants in the environment and their interaction with organisms inhabiting these environments, both as noxious compounds as well as a source of elements or energy that ultimately will lead to their biodegradation. The theme greatly benefits from the association with the UPVD team and its expertise on the development of (bio)sensors to detection of specific molecules in complex matrices. Currently, different categories of chemical contaminants and matrices are being studied. These include medicines, personal care products, organic pesticides and food toxins

Some publications in the topic :

Al-Jawdah A, Nabok A, Abu-Ali H, Catanante G, Marty J-L, Szekacs A (2019) Highly sensitive label-free in vitro detection of aflatoxin B1 in an aptamer assay using optical planar waveguide operating as a polarization interferometer. Anal Bioanal Chem

Alawad A, Istamboulie G, Calas-Blanchard C, Noguer T (2019) A reagentless aptasensor based on intrinsic aptamer redox activity for the detection of tetracycline in water. Sens Actuator B-Chem 288:141-146

Fagervold SK, Rodrigues AS, Rohee C, Roe R, Bourrain M, Stien D, Lebaron P (2019) Occurrence and Environmental Distribution of 5 UV Filters During the Summer Season in Different Water Bodies. Water Air Soil Poll 230

Romdhane S, Devers-Lamrani M, Beguet J, Bertrand C, Calvayrac C, Salvia MV, Ben Jrad A, Dayan FE, Spor A, Barthelmebs L, Martin-Laurent F (2019) Assessment of the ecotoxicological impact of natural and synthetic beta-triketone herbicides on the diversity and activity of the soil bacterial community using omic approaches. Science of the Total Environment 651:241-249

Stien D, Clergeaud F, Rodrigues AMS, Lebaron K, Pillot R, Romans P, Fagervold S, Lebaron P (2019) Metabolomics Reveal That Octocrylene Accumulates in Pocillopora damicornis Tissues as Fatty Acid Conjugates and Triggers Coral Cell Mitochondrial Dysfunction. Analytical Chemistry 91:990-995

Thiour-Mauprivez C, Martin-Laurent F, Calvayrac C, Barthelmebs L (2019) Effects of herbicide on non-target microorganisms: Towards a new class of biomarkers? Sci Total Environ 684:314-325

Marcelino Suzuki - 26/05/20

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