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Laboratoire de Biodiversité et Biotechnologies Microbiennes
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Our recent publications

Alawad A, Latapie L, Evrard D, Gros P, Istamboulie G, Noguer T, Calas-Blanchard C 2020 SECM for Studying the Immobilization and Repartition of a Redox Anti-tetracycline Aptamer on Screen-printed Carbon Electrodes. Electroanalysis

Amaly N, Istamboulie G, El-Moghazy AY, Noguer T (2020) Reusable molecularly imprinted polymeric nanospheres for diclofenac removal from water samples. J Chem Res:1747519820925998

Rabai S, Benounis M, Catanante G, Baraket A, Errachid A, Renault NJ, Marty JL, Rhouati A (2021) Development of a label-free electrochemical aptasensor based on diazonium electrodeposition: Application to cadmium detection in water. Anal Biochem612:7

Lozano C, Matallana-Surget S, Givens J, Nouet S, Arbuckle L, Lambert Z, Lebaron P (2020) Toxicity of UV filters on marine bacteria: Combined effects with damaging solar radiation. Sci Total Environ 722

Barthelemy M, Guerineau V, Genta-Jouve G, Roy M, Chave J, Guillot R, Pellissier L, Wolfender JL, Stien D, Eparvier V, Touboul D (2020) Identification and dereplication of endophytic Colletotrichum strains by MALDI TOF mass spectrometry and molecular networking. Sci Rep 10:16

Outh R, Boutin C, Gueudet P, Suzuki M, Saada M, Aumaître H (2021) Eosinopenia <100/μL as a marker of active COVID-19: An observational prospective study. J Microbiol Immunol Infect 10.1016/j.jmii.2020.12.005

Stien D, Suzuki M, Rodrigues AMS, Yvin M, Clergeaud F, Thorel E, Lebaron P (2020) A unique approach to monitor stress in coral exposed to emerging pollutants. Sci Rep 10:9601

Thiour-Mauprivez C, Devers-Lamrani M, Mounier A, Beguet J, Spor A, Calvayrac C, Barthelmebs L, Martin-Laurent F (2020) Design of a degenerate primer pair to target a bacterial functional community: The hppd bacterial gene coding for the enzyme targeted by herbicides, a study case. J Microbiol Meth 170

Thorel E, Clergeaud F, Jaugeon L, Rodrigues AMS, Lucas J, Stien D, Lebaron P (2020) Effect of 10 UV Filters on the Brine Shrimp. Toxics 8

Tourneroche A, Lami R, Burgaud G, Domart-Coulon I, Li W, Gachon C, Geze M, Boeuf D, Prado S (2020) The Bacterial and Fungal Microbiota of Saccharina latissima (Laminariales, Phaeophyceae). Front Mar Sci 7:14

Marcelino Suzuki - 24/01/21

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Our recent publications

Alawad et al. 2020 Electrochem
Amaly et al. 2020 J Chem Res
Rabai et al 2021 Anal Biochem 621:7
Lozano C et al. (2020) Sci Total Environ 722
Bsrthelemy et al. (2020) Sci Rep 10:16
Outh er al (2021) J Microbiol Immunol Infect
Stien D et al. (2020) Sci Rep 10:9601
Thiour-Mauprivez C et al (2020) J Microbiol Methods 170:105839
Thorel E et al (2020) Toxics 8
Toureroche A et al (2020) Front Mar Sci 7

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